A Final Plunge at the Harvard Club

The last time we were at the Harvard Club in New York we had lunch with our old pal Whit Stillman. Over at A Continuous Lean you can see some pix we dug up of the club from 1940. There aren’t as many dead animals hanging about, there are cute girls at the bar and the swimming pool is gone, but otherwise the place hasn’t changed all that much in the last 70 years. Thank god.

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The Decline of the Dress Code at ’21′

Over the years we’ve spent a considerable amount of time at the famed ’21′ Club. The photo above, from our days on the gossip desk of a disreputable daily, is but one of many from a number of Scotch-soaked occasions at the storied watering hole. For a while we even had something of a regular salon going in the lounge; on those nights it was not uncommon to find the likes of George Plimpton, Whit Stillman and Jay McInerney mingling with supermodels and such, bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the admittedly stodgy surroundings.

Steve Garbarino, our co-conspirator at many of these bacchanals, has just written an entertaining piece in the Wall St. Journal detailing the decline of the dress code at ’21′ and other establishments, with quotes from sartorial sages ranging from Tom Wolfe to Gilt MAN‘s Tyler Thoreson. Occasionally one of the guests at our shindigs would be quietly diverted upon arrival and pointedly offered the use of the club’s store of loaner jackets and ties. The latter is no longer required at ’21′ as Steve notes, part of a growing trend toward more casual dining at even the best of restaurants. We can’t help but think it’s not a good thing.

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Operatic Interlude

Ponchielli: La Gioconda

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Set Sail for the Shipyard Cup

Three of our favorite things in life – sailboats, good beer and Maine – will come together this summer at the 2011 Shipyard Cup. The three day series of races in the traditional Corinthian style will be taking place in Boothbay Harbor from August 12 – 14 under the aegis of Hodgdon Yachts and Portland’s Shipyard Brewing Company. We’ll see you there, old sport.

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Happy Birthday, Monsieur Gainsbourg

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Popping with Paul Newman

To pop or not, that is the eternal collar question. Answered here with verve and style by GiltMANual, and illustrated above by the great Paul Newman – fishing in the Florida Keys in 1967, and therefore perfectly entitled to protect himself against the elements. Always happy to provide context….

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Boat Races at Oxford, 1958

This past weekend the 157th Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race took place on the Thames, continuing the universities’ storied sporting tradition. Although nowadays the sculls are made of fiberglass and the clothes of Coolmax, in essence the event is largely unchanged since the days of wooden hulls and white flannels. Take a look back at Oxford in 1958 on A Continuous Lean.

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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Courtesy Driven

James Dean, Steve McQueen, Bryan Ferry, Duncan Quinn, supermodels, vintage Ducatis, and the new Aston Martin – at long last, a truly stylish, well-designed and curated car site – edited by yours truly, from the gents at UrbanDaddy. Head over to Driven now.

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The Michael Caine Guide to Style, Part I

The proper accessory for a trench coat is not an umbrella; it’s a revolver.

(Happy birthday, Sir Michael)

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James Bond – British Military Rolex Redux

London-based Rolex customizer Project X has come out with a new limited edition series of designs in homage to the original James Bond Submariner as worn by Sean Connery and the British SBS (Special Boat Service), an elite commando unit created for covert operations in 1940 that preceded the better-known SAS. There are “night” and “day” (above left) operations versions of the Submariner as well as a blacked-out Explorer (above right) in the Stealth series, priced from $13,000 – $16,000. Original UK military issue models can go for ten times that amount. I think we can find some room on our wrist…. (Read more at The Classicist)

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