James Bond – British Military Rolex Redux

London-based Rolex customizer Project X has come out with a new limited edition series of designs in homage to the original James Bond Submariner as worn by Sean Connery and the British SBS (Special Boat Service), an elite commando unit created for covert operations in 1940 that preceded the better-known SAS. There are “night” and “day” (above left) operations versions of the Submariner as well as a blacked-out Explorer (above right) in the Stealth series, priced from $13,000 – $16,000. Original UK military issue models can go for ten times that amount. I think we can find some room on our wrist…. (Read more at The Classicist)

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2 Responses to James Bond – British Military Rolex Redux

  1. A very nice timepiece, looks stylish and conservative at the same time. One thing that gets me about this watch is it’s straps, they look very cheap, considering the price of the way. I doubt last and look prone to being worn torn, anyway, excellent watch nonetheless.

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