Channeling Gable & McQueen

Photo by Adrianna Ault

I recently had a chance to take the wicked new 2010 Jaguar XK roadster – 385 hp, 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds, F1 paddle shifters and all – available this August for a spin and had a bit of fun channeling Steve McQueen (with his D-type, bottom) and Clark Gable (XK-120, below) along the way. While in possession of the ragtop I stopped by a painfully hip art opening on the beautiful Bard College campus – shades of Bennington and VAPA circa 1993 – and checked out the recently-reopened Rhinecliff Hotel for drinks on the bluestone patio by the Hudson River.

That’s a Leica M8 I’m holding, in case you were wondering, while sporting a Brooks Brothers driving cap, Paul Smith shades, Tod’s moccasins, Etro jacket, RL linen pants, Turnbull & Asser scarf and the trusty GMT Master II. Perhaps a bit Bertie Wooster but it was fun while it lasted. Check out the whole shoot here.

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